Work and Life Missions

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lifeWe all have our own missions in life. They may not be as grand as those called to be leaders of nations. They may not be as holy as those called to live religious lives such as priests and nuns. However, they are as important.

Our life missions would depend on our work, our status, our environment. For instance, one who works as a composer has a mission to write songs that would inspire others. He is responsible for the effect of his songs to those who listen to them. If he writes songs that would make people feel and do bad things,then he is not fulfilling his mission well. If he makes songs that would make people feel,think and do good,then he is doing his mission right, glorifying God in the process.

Let us keep in mind that we are not just working to earn money. We are working to serve God by what we do. How?

  • by making sure our work and its fruits are in accordance to God’s will
  • by giving our very best in our work
  • by helping other people and glorifying God thru our work

And when I say ‘work’, I don’t just mean those with salary. One can be a plain housewife or a church volunteer or a student and yet he/she too can serve God and fulfill his/her life missions by doing his/her best in what he/she does; doing it with all honesty and making sure his/her work would not hurt anyone, but instead be a source of help and joy to others.