A Hymn of Praise to God

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15 The Lord made the earth by his power; by his wisdom he created the world and stretched out the heavens. 16 At his command the waters above the sky roar; he brings clouds from the ends of the earth. He makes … Continued

Prayer for One’s Country

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Most merciful Jesus, I beseech You through the intercession of Your Saints, and especially the intercession of Your dearest Mother who nurtured You from childhood, bless my native land. I beg You, Jesus, look not on our sins, but on … Continued

Thanksgiving Prayer

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O Jesus, eternal God, thank You for Your countless graces and blessings. Let every beat of my heart be a new hymn of thanksgiving to You, O God. Let every drop of my blood circulate for You, Lord. My soul … Continued

Prayer Before the Blessed Sacrament

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I adore You, Lord and Creator, hidden in the Blessed Sacrament. I adore You for all the works of Your hands, that reveal to me so much wisdom, goodness and mercy, O Lord. You have spread so much beauty over … Continued

Prayer for a Happy Death

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Sacred Heart of Jesus, grant me the grace to live always according to your will, in my moments of joy as well as in moments of pain. Grant that I be always ready for the last hour; give me the … Continued

Prayer Missions

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Praying is one of the missions suggested by the Missionaries of Christ, actually, the one that tops our list. Why? Because not all of us may have the money, the skills or the means to fulfill God’s will, but all … Continued

Prayer for Divine Mercy for the World

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O Greatly Merciful God, Infinite Goodness, today all mankind calls out from the abyss of its misery to Your mercy – to Your compassion, O God; and it is with its mighty voice of misery that it cries out. Gracious … Continued

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