Evangelization Missions

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Now more than ever, there is a much greater need to spread God’s Word EVERYWHERE and to EVERYONE, for many have become lukewarm to the faith, lost the faith, left the faith or have yet to know Jesus Christ.  Let … Continued

Skill and Talent Missions

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Each of us has been given skills and talents by God. The question is, “How do we make use of them?” Do we use them for the glory of God and the good of the people around us? Or do … Continued

Work and Life Missions

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We all have our own missions in life. They may not be as grand as those called to be leaders of nations. They may not be as holy as those called to live religious lives such as priests and nuns. … Continued

Prayer Missions

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Praying is one of the missions suggested by the Missionaries of Christ, actually, the one that tops our list. Why? Because not all of us may have the money, the skills or the means to fulfill God’s will, but all … Continued

Charity Missions

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Giving to the needy is one of our missions here on earth. We are given blessings not just to prosper for ourselves but to help other people as well. See Matthew 25: 33-40 below: 33 He will put the righteous … Continued