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Sunday Gospel – August 20, 2017

Matthew 15:21-28: Jesus and the Canaanite Woman World English Bible (WEB) 21 Jesus went out from there, and withdrew into the region of Tyre and Sidon. 22 Behold, a Canaanite woman came out from those... READ MORE

Sunday Gospel – August 6, 2017

Matthew 17:1-9:  Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord World English Bible (WEB) 17 After six days, Jesus took with him Peter, James, and John his brother, and brought them up into a high... READ MORE

Sunday Gospel – July 16, 2017

Matthew 13:1-23 The Parable of the Sower World English Bible (WEB) 13 On that day Jesus went out of the house, and sat by the seaside. 2 Great multitudes gathered to him, so that he... READ MORE